Most Important Positions To Practice In Madden 18

As with every edition of Madden, there are several positions that you must master to be successful. Madden 18 is no different especially with the addition of mut 18 coins buy Squads. Since player ratings are playing a bigger role in this year’s Madden, then you will want to learn how to control certain positions with precision and accuracy. That’s why the pros at Madden School have come up with the most important positions to practice in Madden 18.

This should be a no brainer, but practice your Quarterback play. With all the new changes and gameplay improvements, playing Quarterback is much different in Madden 18 than in previous seasons. The new Target Passing feature is optional to use, but has the potential to be a deadly tool if you can master madden 18 coins Trust us, though, it will take a lot of time and practice to master this brand new feature.

Aside from the new Target Passing feature, you will want to practice throwing low and high passes as those controls are different in Madden 18. To throw high/low passes, you hold down the L1/LB button and flick your left stick up for high passes or down for low passes. Perfecting these passes will prevent you from throwing incomplete passes and interceptions.

The addition of MUT Squads game mode makes mastering the controls for the wide receiver position crucial. Since one of the three MUT Squad players will be stepping into a WR position, then you will want to practice controlling receivers.
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