Roster turnover happens quickly in the NBA

Especially on defense, in a losing situation at LSU. And it'll be difficult for the Sixers to integrate him without tearing apart many of the pieces Sam Hinkie already attained. Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor both don't shoot well, and Joel Embiid can only theoretically shoot threes, so Simmons doesn't aid their spacing or defensive issues. Of course, roster turnover happens quickly in the NBA.

But Ingram can easily be integrated in with their lineups now and in the future because of his ability to stroke threes. And it's not like he's a poor ball handler or passer. He's actually pretty good at running pick-and-roll and finding open shooters. Plus, his effort levels on defense were significantly higher, so he shares the same level of versatility on defense.

O'Donnell: I'm glad you mentioned Simmons' ability to NBA Live Coins grab and go, because that's going to be a joy to watch in the league. He's a great defensive rebounder -- No. 25 in the country in defensive rebound rate last season, per KenPom -- and that combined with his speed and ball handling is going to make him a terror in transition.It's almost like all of the attention on his passing ability makes people forget just how big and fast this dude is.

He's a fantastic athlete for 6'10, 240 pounds. Ingram isn't in the same zip code in terms of explosiveness.My only worry with Simmons in Philly is that they don't currently have the personnel around him to accentuate his strengths and mask his weaknesses. Like you said, things can change quickly. Obviously,

finding shooters in the backcourt and on the wing is [url=]Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins[/url] a must. I also think they will need to prioritize rim protection next to him at the five.O'Connor: Simmons can work well if the Sixers feel confident that Embiid can space the floor and drain three-pointers, and Saric actually comes over.

That way they can have a lineup with Embiid, who could shoot threes and serve as a rim protector, Saric does a lot of things well, and then Simmons serves as the jumbo-sized point guard. All indications are that they'll continue to run a multiple ball-handler system, which explains theirreported interest in Providence point guard Kris Dunn.Simmons' off-ball shooting may still be a huge problem.

It'd be one thing if they put the ball in his hands all game, but they might not do that. He's still a virtual non-factor without the ball in the half court -- assuming he doesn't suddenly improve as a jumper, and I'm not confident he will since hemight be shooting with the wrong hand.
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