Corset Manufacturer China

Traditionally the moulded cup was chinese lingerie wholesale a great way of adding an extra bit of padding and

something that larger busts have avoided. However the moulded lingerie suppliers china cup is perfect for

wearing under t-shirt fabric as it gives a great rounded Corset Manufacturer China and smooth shape. Not after

a little extra in that department? Try this great moulded cup bra from Elomi. All

the shaping but none of the added enhancement.

The Full Body

A popular fashion item this season, the bodysuit has hit every high street store

with a vengeance. But rather than rocking it with a pair of denim cut offs we are

talking about the lingerie body that gives you a smooth silhouette under that slinky

dress. The reason a body works so well is that the one piece simply keeps everything

in check. Nothing can roll up or down, so a smoother line is guaranteed. If you re

after more support in the bust, then go for a body that doesn t include the bust

cups so you can wear your own bra.

The Bra Free Body

This is the option for those that want to ensure they can wear their own bra but

still get the smooth shaping effect of a body. The body comes under the bust,

allowing you to wear your own supportive bra but to still avoid cutting your body in

three places. While you can go for one that resembles more of a swimming costume,

for those looking to avoid chub rub , or thighs rubbing together, this option here

with shorts attached is great for adding to maximum comfort.
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