Toxicity Profile for Acetyl tributyl citrate (2002)

bulk sodium percarbonate was not a skin irritant or sensitizer in volunteers. It showed moderate eye irritation in the rat but no skin irritation in rabbits or sensitization in guinea pigs. Low acute oral toxicity was exhibited in laboratory animals. Studies in rats involving repeated administration in the diet showed mild liver toxicity and blood effects, while injection studies highlighted the central nervous system and blood as the site of toxic attack in various species of laboratory animals. A two-generation study in rats treated orally found evidence of reproductive toxicity at maternally toxic doses. A limited oral long-term study detected no evidence of carcinogenic potential in rats. Acetyl tributyl citrate was not mutagenic in the Ames bacterial assay and in general did not induce mutations or chromosome damage in mammalian cells in culture. There was no evidence of DNA damage in the liver cells of rats treated orally
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