Every Boiler is Different! Are You Using the Right Boiler Water Treatment Program?

Winter is here and many facility managers are firing up their boilers for the first time this season. For those that are, the key to fewer boiler-related headaches throughout the winter is proper boiler water treatment. So how do you know if your water treatment program is the right one? What are the best practices for steam boilers? This post is intended to help you find out.

Even two of the same models of boiler sitting in the same plant, with the same make up water, and same fuel can have different operating characteristics. Every boiler room in the world is as unique and diverse as the people responsible for maintaining them. The boiler design, output, demand, fuel, layout, metallurgy, makeup and feedwater quality, run schedule, load, and what the steam comes into contact with will have its own degree of originality and thereby will require its own specific handling and needs. So, why would anyone then assume their boiler water treatment chemicals would be the same across the board? With the thousands of possible combinations of oxygen scavengers, scale inhibitors, amines, multi-functional one drum treatments and alkalinity supplements that could be used in any given boiler water treatment program, is your facility getting one that meets its individual and unique needs? Also, with advancements in polymer chemistry over the years could your facility be running an outdated program that is not utilizing the latest innovations in energy and water conservation technology?home
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