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Sport coaches often have lots that’s asked of them, not only are they able to train athletes and players, but they need lots of other things too to become successful. A good sport coach is not just someone who manages a successful team. In lots of cases, a truly great coach is someone try to make a team of incredible players who can enjoy the sport that they’re playing in.

There are numerous things that make a great sports coach but there are only 3 key areas in which Keith McKittrick greatly excelled that’s why he achieved success which include a coach becoming a teacher, a leader, and a competitor.

However, that’s only a part of this job’s challenge, being the one that supplies inspiration and motivation in order for the team to achieve success. Certainly, being a good coach can also be a very rewarding job, which can be seen in Keith McKittrick career today. Much like a school teacher, his role as a coach is to teach his team player about the sport they’re in and help them improve themselves and achieve greatness in life. When the time the players absorbs the entire necessary knowledge and performed better on field, you will feel that his job is really rewarding, just like what Keith experienced when he already grasped the higher level progresses on a whole new sport challenges.

When Keith started to teach a sports team, he initially taught the team about the basics of the game. Assessing the capabilities of the players as well as explaining the rules and regulations of the game are some of the basic taught by Keith about the game. One of the key attributes why Keith became successful in his career is that he’s very understanding to his payers as a teacher in sports. If there’s a problem or a player doesn’t understand where he went wrong, Keith McKittrick is completely aware that yelling at them isn’t going to help the matters, but will take the time to explain the matters where they went wrong and provide the necessary solution.
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Keith is also a great team leader and he is a coach that acts as the source of inspiration of the team that helps them drive to achieve success. He completely understand that without any leader leading the team, everything will completely suffer due to lack of playing direction and strong purpose. As a great leader and coach, he always informs the players about the necessary formations, strategies, and other effective tactics that would lead the team to success.

Keith McKittrick is a coach that has a great desire to win. That’s the reason why he inspires the team to aim greatness and attain success. Quite often, the team players always look the advice or help of Keith for a better performance. He ensures to show great passion which gives the players the same passion for the game and achieve success. On the other side of his competitive spirit, Keith is always gracious in defeats and victories. He maintains a very professional approach in every game which gives the team the proper way to conduct and behave themselves.

McKittrick is known as one of the best coaches in ice hockey industry. He spent his entire time in communicating, teaching, leading, motivating, doling out discipline, checking out the safety factors, administering first aid, organizing, and as an overall hockey technician. He was an assistant coach to a National Hockey League’s team, Detroit Wings, where he spent 6 hockey seasons.
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Coaching a team or athletes can be a very challenging and demanding task, and oftentimes, when the team displays poor performance, the coach is the one blamed and even receive poor feedbacks from the industry, especially from the fans. While the features of the job tend only to face higher level coaches at the professional level, there still comes a point when coaching completely feels like an unrewarding job.

On headset with the Detroit’s assistant coaches during the games, he is the one responsible for presenting the video breakdowns to the players
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