What Are Mental Illnesses? How to Eliminate Abnormal Behavior and Find Peace

I saw from the beginning of my life that we live in Memory Plus Program Review a crazy world, where absurd people can govern and make decisions on behalf of others, imposing their will.

Later I saw one of my best friends being dominated by a grave mental illness. He was like a brother to me, and his case had a tremendous effect on my life.

After my long trip to the US and Europe, I met him in a clinic in Sao Paulo (Brazil), where he was an inmate, because he had started breaking everything in his house, and hitting his two sisters, full of anger, without giving any explanation to anyone. He was considered psychotic, and had treatment with a psychiatrist for 5 years.

My uncle Leonid was also another case I followed with sadness. He became hysterical after losing his position as a consul. He had a good heart, but belonged to a rare psychological type that can find peace and mental health in life only through art.

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