Discover the One Critical Step That is Missing in Almost Every Self Help Book

The problem, however, is that our beliefs are Subliminal Tracks Review subconscious and trying to access them can be very challenging. How many self-help books have you read, or how many courses have you taken trying to tap into that elusive part of your brain that holds the key to your future? For most of us, it is more than we care to admit - with little success to show for it.

But it does not have to be that hard. The fact is, the struggle to achieve empowering new beliefs is one of the reasons that we often fail in our attempts. True change tends to happen when we are relaxed, not when we are tense or frustrated from our lack of progress. Trying too hard actually keeps you from discovering your true beliefs, and developing powerful new ones; and almost always leads to disappointment.

Why is relaxation so important? Because it is only when we are relaxed and in a peaceful state that our mind is able to easily access what we need. Let me give you an example of what I mean:

Lets say you are at a party and someone comes up to chat. You know the mans face, you have seen him several times at different functions around town, but you can not for the life of you remember his name. As you are chatting, your mind is feverishly trying to remember his name - and praying that it comes to you before someone else walks up. Now, how many times does the name come to you right then? Almost never. It is only later, when you are relaxed and have moved on to other topics that it suddenly pops back into your head.
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