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As the control centre of the body the brain is largely in charge of Memory Plus Program Review why panic attack ensues because of how it causes the body to prime itself into a fight or flight state. This natural bodily reaction to danger and fear enable humans to protect itself from a perceived threat with physical manifestations and symptoms that ready the person to either fight or escape.

It is advised to learn about the brain parts and activities involved in panic attacks. This will aid the person in determining the right treatment method for his condition - the type that takes brain activity into account and aims to change it in a way that restores the body's normal state.

Midbrain According to researchers the midbrain's role has been generally classified into tasks that primarily preserve a person's life - breathing feeding and the fight or flight response. The fight or flight response is what characterizes a person's body when in a current state of severe anxiety or panic attack. Certain parts and structures of the midbrain enable this to occur The periaqueductal grey and the locus coeruleus.
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