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The dissimilarities between a great coach and a good coach may be very subtle; however they can make a whole new world to the athletes or players. While demonstrating the drill about the game, the organizing skills, and knowledge about the entire details of game are very significant for coaches, here are the characteristic of Keith that made him name as one of the greatest coaches in the industry of ice hockey.

One best trait Keith has is humility. All coaches would definitely want to win every game, but not in terms of harming the skills development. As a great coach, Keith McKittrick understands that winning is for the team, not for the man behind the bench. Great coaches are the ones who don’t measure success by the trophies they have, but with the players’ happiness on ice, improvements and performance, and passion for game.

Another characteristic that branded Keith to be one of the greatest coaches in ice hockey industry is that he is completely compassionate to take enough time in getting to know all the players, on/off the ice. He never fails to treat, listen and understand his players with great care and respect because he know that they players will also return the favor. Keith McKittrick considers the team as strong as their weakest player only and he works very hard to provide the entire players an equal opportunity to further improve their skills.

A good coach can possibly have the technical knowledge of the game, but if he can’t effectively share and communicate with the team, the knowledge will become a waste. Keith completely understands the importance effective and clear communication that steam from players realizing and adapting the necessary information to obtain their intended goals. He’s among the best coaches because he’s capable of making praise and criticism that the players seriously take.
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Keith McKittrick always shows passion for the game and team, making a positive impact to everyone that surrounds him. His excitement for every game is contagious that contribute to the improvement of the team. However, you under to also understand that this similarly goes to showing negativity, which is why Keith tries his best to show completely passion and positivity to the team.

Another part of coaching that many people aren’t aware of is the existing pressures on the coach themselves. Keith Mckittrick as a coach often leads by personal example and show the athlete how things are properly done. From time to time, leading a personal example for team can lead to accidents, that’s why Keith ensure to be careful in order to be always in action with this team and players. He completely understands the importance of providing consistent and regular coaching and training to players and athletes.

As team coach, he always motivates and give direction to players to help them easily achieve their goals. He always sets the team by personal example.
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Nowadays, many people think about changing their careers due to our economic climate today. There are various pathways to take when considering a career change. Truth be told, even when becoming active, there are still a few roles people can choose from. One best job to be considered is taking the sports coaching.

These days, people who want to start their career as sports coach should engage many coaching tips in order for them to reach success. This is why Keith Mckittrick is among the best coaches in sports field. Lots of people start by thinking that life will be a breeze, but this is the reason why they miss out the fundamental factors that can make their career to success.

You need to remember that this kind of job involves ensuring people to be fit and improve skills when it comes to specific sport. Keith’s coachi
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