Increased Hair Loss Could It Be Traction Alopecia?

There are many types of hair loss and, for the most Ultra FX10 Review part, we really don't have much control over the causes of them. Traction alopecia is not one of the types of over which we have no control. Quite the contrary, the primary cause of this type of thinning hair condition is caused by how it is styled or cared for. If you are a person of color, whether male or female, it is likely that a cultural tradition that involves styles that require the hair be pulled back tightly in corn row braids, or pigtails or tightly knit buns for example, is the primary cause of your thinning hair issues.

The hair shaft is made up of completely dead cells and is rooted into the hair follicle which contains a bulb at the base. The bulb at the base of the shaft contains derma papilla cells that are responsible for growing the shaft. The hair strand is securely held by the follicle during the first phase of the growing cycle, called the Anagen phase.

As the growth cycle of the hair shaft progresses through the Catagen and Telogen cycles, the follicle begins to lessen the grip it has on the strand. The total growth cycle can last several years before the hair shaft is finally released from the hair follicle and is shed. During this cycle of hair growth, if you place large amounts of stress or traction on the hair strand, it will be shed prematurely.
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