One of my Switzerland customer-Perfectionism

write by Smile from

Why call him Perfectionism? There is a little story .

The first time we get in touch is Sept 10th,2015 , that is a long time more than a year, at first he just simple ask me for 145cm sex doll pictures, seems not very big interesting in , then I send, around every month , he came to me and just simple ask for different some new dolls pictures, at that time, I am just a freshman in Sex doll selling, So I just take this for a learning , and thanks that he help me to know different types doll- dolls features- specification more fast than i think ,and I never have idea when he will make a order or something ,just do as he want ,if have new doll, I will send to him, just like this, last for 7 months.
Things get a new update, On image date 16 Apr, 2016, he came again, we just get to talk a 125cm Sex doll price height doll and 100cm doll,after knowing the dolls size, he decided for 125cm doll: B/W/H = 67/53/73, Tan skin color, Green eyes, Removable vagina, Yes, this is his first order, after 7 months talking , we finally get in trust and know his directly require,then He told me ,Maybe because of his works makes he became a Perfectionism, want every details just like he think, even for a sex doll, like the body shape, eyes color, skin color, wigs and also dress, and thanks me so much for the patience and find the real love doll for him
Here is his real feedback for Is, This doll is absolutely beautiful! I never imagine that perfect result. Miss Smile Huang has answer all my questions since few Months, very professional, and she made exactly what I have choose. The tan skin color is beautiful, not black but very tanned, like a girl who was lying 1 month on the beach, wow, absolutely sexy. I'm very impressed about that result and this nice price! Many thanks Smile, clearly I will come back to you for the next doll.

Just as his words, he comes again, Nov 1th, 2016 , this time for a new doll head for his love tan girl, this time, we get consensus soon, we all think it maybe that long conversation doing help, I know his lover well, and on date Nov 18th,2016 , he buy a new full body doll-100cm flat breast ,that is our newest doll, as he love it so much, and don’t ask too much even don’t ask for discount, but we still offer the best discount price for him,(we do have great discount for our old customers),Do what we can do, that is why we can get one customer that first no much interesting in to buy a second doll from us . Thanks for your reading,.
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