Florida Divorce Records Search

Just as marriage is something that requires the image consent of the state, divorce is also something that requires the consent of the state and for termination of the marriage to be valid, it must have official records. The official records of the divorce would be called divorce records and Alachua County Divorce Records would be an example of such records. The consent of the state to the marriage is manifested through the issuance of the proper marriage license, but there is no such thing as a divorce license, although there are divorce records.


Before one could understand why divorce records are very important, one must first understand the effect of divorce. As the termination of marriage, divorce is something that also alters the status of the people involved in the event, the same way that marriage alters the status of the persons involved in the marriage. It is just that divorce alters the status of the previously married persons the other way around restoring to the previously married couple some rights and responsibilities that they had lost when they had gotten married. Of course, status being something that follows the person no matter where he or she may go, the fact of the divorce would also follow the person wherever he may go.

It is important to note that divorce records in the state of Florida are public records, and because of this, they enjoy the presumption of regularity. Thus, the mere existence of the divorce record is often enough for the proper tribunal to consider the divorce to have been granted, and there is no actual need to show the actual records in question.

To make a request for divorce records, the person who desires the record should first send a request letter to the Vital Records Division of the Florida Department of Health. This letter should contain the name of the parties to the divorce, the date or the year where the divorce was granted, and the place, together with the personal Alachua County Divorce Records contact information of the person making the request. Note that in the request letter, the year when the divorce was granted should be included, and if the year is not known, then the person who desires the record could request the office to check other years, though this would mean an additional two dollar charge for every year. If there are records, then one copy of the record would be included in the basic five dollar request for Alachua County Divorce Records Archives search fee, though additional records could be requested for an additional four dollars per record. Finally, note that if there are no records in the department, the office would issue a certification to that effect that would take the place of the divorce records as the official document.

Alachua County Divorce Decrees may also be accessed online through the use of online databases. Online databases contain substantially the same information as the various government sources, but because they are internet based, they could provide their records faster, more efficiently, and, more importantly, cheaply as they would mostly charge only the most minimum of fees for their services.
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