Celaxryn RX bleeding gums are a danger if the infected person is a mouth stimulant because HIV is present in his blood. Much more often, however, there is infection through the penis - mouth cavity , vagina - mouth cavity than vice versa, although such cases are described in the literature. Oral sex on the background of other sexual activities - risk of infection Oral sex with ejaculation (ejaculation in the mouth of a partner) is considered less safe than oral sex without ejaculation due to the amount of infectious material to which the person stimulating the mouth is exposed. Oral sex is considered safer than anal sex. However, you should not be overly optimistic Celaxryn RX think that oral sex is free from any risk. This is not the case. By having oral sex, you can get serious illnesses if you practice this sexual activity without any consideration. Safe oral sex It is known that the best way to reduce the risk of infection is sexual abstinence. However, if this option is out of the question, you should consider other forms that can quite significantly (but never 100%) protect against catching sexually transmitted diseases.
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