Most of the free mut coins madden 20 time

Most of the time I get them at the late 2nd but it's almost worth it to take them than not at all. I did a custom class and obtained Kyler, Haskins, and Jones with then two 2nd rounders and the complete. Would you take the cb or the best qb with the 54th pick? Keep them as a cheap copy and exchange them after a couple years of growth and you acquire draft value.I was partially curious to see if I had ANY Cap at free agency, since throughout the season, I had obviously offloaded all of the tremendous contracts so it said I'd 125 million in Cap. This was not taking into account my picks. I'd -30 million in Cap lol when I got to the off-season. I will update you for season two, though.

My friend and I are doing a connected franchise at which we traded away all our Madden players with no few of you great Madden players and we ended up having the whole first round minus the last two picks.But commerce logic is super dumb. If a group has interest in a Madden player they're not giving up anything for him. Like will not provide you a first for a 91 RG since DeCastro is graded, even though he could be slit by them at LG. Trade logic has to be adjusted.I honestly did. It was tough.

It will seem fucked although I havent started messing with trade ai yet because I only started a franchise. I put myles garrett in the league provided me like a combo that is 5th and 2nd or round selections. Teams with some of the better young Madden players refuse to entertain anything for them it seems, I attempted offering Garrett and 2 firsts for Brian Burns and his group had practically no interest in it despite having a need in RE also, with the comments saying they don't wish to exchange burns because"has decent dev attribute", meanwhile Garrett is a 23 year old with superstar x-factor.
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