what so many people tend to do when they're taking off their eye makeup they'll take the makeup what I'm telling you guys that is a good makeup re dxn code strike
mover as a face makeup remover I am addicted to this tatcha one sip camellia cleansing oil I love oils to take away my face makeup because it breaks apart everything and really gets it off I yes 100% agree I have people ask me all the time they're like what's a good cleanser to remove my makeup and cleanse my skin and I'm just like honestly that doesn't exist if you are the person to wear makeup the best way to break it down get rid of it so that your skincare products actually work is to use a double cleanse system go in with a cleansing oil first work it in break apart all of that makeup and then follow up with a cleanser I know a lot of you guys are like oh but I'm too lazy to do that girl if you're too lazy to do that you may
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