Adding Glass Doors To A Cabinet

I am not in a position to pick the Glass Doors option in my cabinets' specification dialogs. How do I specify glass doorways when the alternative is grayed out?
frameless glass cabinet doors Answer
The Glass Doors checkbox alternative will be grayed out if you are employing a Panel for the cupboards door Style.
To specify glass doors on a cabinet
Open the prepare file in which you would like to create cabinets with glass doorways.
Click the Select Objects
instrument and click on a base, wall or full peak cabinet to pick it, then click on the Open Object
edit button.
On the Door/Drawer panel of the Base, Wall or Full Peak Cupboard Specification dialog:
Choose Framed Doors or Slab Doors from the Style drop-down listing in the Doorway part at the leading of the dialog.
Check out the box beside Glass imageDoors in the dialog.
Alternately, you can choose the Library button following to the Door Style to screen the Select Library Object dialog and browse or search for a variety of various glass door possibilities.
Make any further desired changes and simply click Alright to shut the dialog.
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