Los Angeles County Arrest Records

Los Angeles Arrest Records are maintained by local police departments and sheriff?s offices in Los Angeles. You can submit a request at either agency if they do have the files you want to acquire. If they do not, try looking at the California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General. You can also submit a request there and they will Free Los Angeles Arrest Records Online Archive redirect it to the exact agency that has the files you want to acquire. There are fees that you need to pay to get the files. Fees are non-refundable even if the files you requested for are not found.

When an arrest takes place, it is automatically filed regardless if the arrested Public Los Angeles County Arrests individual is imprisoned or not. If the arrested individual is acquitted of the crime that he or she is accused of, the file will be kept away from public access. Some of the details you can find on an arrest file include the name of the arrested individual, nature of crime, time and place where the arrest took place, name of arresting officer, and more.


Citizens are granted the right to acquire arrest files as they are considered as part of the public domain. There are certain rules that need to be followed regarding the extent of one?s access and how the files can be used. Acquiring your own record is allowed if it is required of you for a job application, adoption process, or if you want to examine the details included on your files. If you spot any information that is not accurate, you can have it corrected by submitting a petition to the office maintaining the files.

Acquiring the files of other individuals is also allowed but the process is stricter compared to acquiring your own. There are only a number of people or groups that have the power to do so. Arresting officers are allowed to acquire them if it is necessary for an ongoing investigation. They include arresting agencies, employers, landlords and those wanting to know the criminal background of their potential life partner. Employers are allowed so they can carefully handpick who to hire amongst the job applicants. Landlords are allowed so they can choose only those who are not troublemakers.

You can also get arrest files from authorized online search tools. image There a number of search tools that are into such business but that does not mean they can all be trusted. Choosing which search tool to use is no easy task. Initiate a background check on them prior to choosing so you get a better idea if they have a reputation of being a reliable information provider or not.

The California Department of Justice also allows access to californiaarrestrecords. You can also get the files from online search tools. Simply supply a person?s full name to begin a search. To speed up the search, supply other important details like their birthday, address, and their job, amongst others. Do not forget to indicate your contact details so the Department of Justice will know where to forward the files.
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