Where To Search For Fresno County Arrest Records

Fresno arrest records are basically those records that contain all the arrests made by Fresno police officers of a person, group or entity. Arrest records usually comprise of detailed information about the crime including the names of the suspect, type of crime committed, place and time. These records vary from mild to serious cases, examples of which include minor traffic altercations, DUI, to incidents of robbery and even murder.

To be able to obtain a police Fresno County Arrests report for person crime cases, the person requesting the record must provide for the case number or any other details that would help the researcher. The reports can be released to the public if the case is not restricted or still under the police investigation. If the person requesting the reports is one of the arrested parties, the reports will be given to them during arraignment hearing or to their attorney. Reports are available by mail request or by walk in.

For walk in requests, the Records Bureau public counter is open every day from 8am to 2pm. The person requesting the report should bring a valid identification such as government id or passport. One would also need to fill in a request form indicating their interest in the report and the case number. Effective August 1, 2013, criminal case records will be charged $.50 per page and $25 for a certified copy fee for out of state and federal government agencies. This fee adjustment will not apply to civil cases. All payments should be in US bank issued cheques, money order or by credit card. The office does not accept cash or personal checks.

For mail requests, the Office requires a written request stating the name of the person requesting the information, case/file number, incident type and time or location if applicable. For reports that are longer than 10 pages, the office charges $.20/page. The person requesting should also include a copy of their identification id such as valid driver?s license and send the request to the Record?s Office. image For personal criminal records, the person requesting must personally appear before the Records Bureau and get their criminal record. Cost of the service is $30 and can be paid through credit card or money order.

Another way to obtain arrest record is by contacting the County Sheriff?s Office. One can send in their request to the Sheriff?s Records Office or obtain the records in person by visiting the Sheriff?s Office from Mondays to Fridays. The office is open only from 9am to 4pm so it is important to come early. For mail requests, one must submit a request form together with a copy of their valid id as well as case number. Processing time can take about ten (10) business days. Restrictions may apply for some crime reports though one can still check if there are other parts of the case that are available for public information.

Another way to obtain free criminal records is to check out online criminal records database provided by online search companies. This is the fastest and most hassle free way to check one?s criminal record as well as verify other person?s data.
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