me people think they know me because of the internet and people don't know the full story joints just like weird health issues for people my age so I've been kind of trying different diets I I am incredible ly careful English is hard I'm incredibly careful with what I purchased just beca alpha testo boost x
use I like to live the most ethical lifestyle possible so when you think of keto you think standard American diet you think bacon and eggs and avocado pretty much and like salmon lots of omega-3s and all those healthy things however I have not done keto in the way that somebody coming from a standard American diet would just because and for those of you don't know what keto is I should start with that it's pretty much a very high fat diet moderate protein and low carb so before y'all freak out about like having no carbs or low carbs I do want to say I eat vegetables I eat my healthy greens I eat berries like raspberries blueberries strawberries like anything I want I generally only one or two
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