My boring was finally fired by love dolls

I was not a strong man with good muscles, but I was a person with strong sex desiration since I was young. I remember it was my 12 years old that I feel my junk was begin to be erection, and the next few days I go internet to look for some knowledge about this situation, and then I knows it was time for me to have a date.
The date was not going smooth as I was not a My sex doll Judy popular boy in the class and I am a low-key boy with very few words in my daily life. Then I start to look for some naughty movies when I was alone, and I began to do masturbation myself.
It was strange for me to do the first time, it scared me on some way as there is some milk-like liquid gets out from my body. But soon I know that’s the normal common and pay none attention on that. The past school times, I was in desparete sex desiration all the time. But I was inconfident to data a girl for myself.
It is not a good methods for me anyway, and as time goes by, I was scare that this methods might leads me to a Sexual incompetence, so I decide to get some better methods for me.
I have to say, the Japan people was really technical on the sex culture, and various toys was developed for sex enjoyment, I can’t remember how many toys was showed in their movies, such as the vibrator stick , vibrator eggs, the SM toys. Etc. But is still hardly to seem some sex toy for him until one day, there was a masturbatoin cup they use for the male AV model. Well, that interested me a lot as I never thought there was things like this and I was thinking maybe I could get one for myself?
Actually I have tried may other methods, such as use the banana peel to get a vagina, or use a orange to get a vagina-like hole, etc. but all this methods was so unrealistic and troublesome to image had.
But when I was looking for the masturbation cup. I found something much more than that, the real sex dolls!!! I never thought there were things like this and I can’t help to try one.
Well, it cost me a lot as I was just a poor school boy… I get a 85cm sex doll from for myself as I thought this was so small and easy to hide from my family. I really prefered to get a bigger one but that means inconvenient for me to enjoy her.
I won’t have lots words about the doll, but it was just so great for me to have sex with her. The only thing that I pity is she was not big enough but this is great surprise for me.
Now I could finally fire my boring head and I think I am becoming much more like a normal boy, I am not addicted to sex thing any more and I could use my energy with my doll.
This didn’t really bring so many pressure for me actually as I thought I will have girlfrined in future and will say goodbye to this sex doll maybe.
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