Hello My name is...

Hello my name is Jason of Jasons' Juice Joint and The Juice Joint Vape Shop. Many of you know me.....Lets hear about you! Where are you located? What is your Shops name? What is your avenue in this Fight for our lively hood? Drop a not below and lets get this thread Going!


  • I am BJ, the graphical genius of Team J3 and owner of Two Bit Digital. I'm from Wichita Falls where I Co-found and Admin the Wichita County Vapers (WCV). I have taken a different approach to to good fight. Won't touch on that too much, as there is so much more fun to be had. Anywho, that's that. yea, Hi. I am different, lets get a bit controversial.
  • Great welcome BJ Please feel free to share this widely as it will be the goto spot for all info Advocacy.
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