California Arrest Record


California has the largest population in the United States. There are so many people living there that even if police officers are distributed all over the place, it is still hard to prevent crimes from happening. With that in mind, giving the people access to Criminal Records CA will make the job of police officers be a little easier. The pieces of information that the records contain will enable citizens to protect themselves from criminals.

There are 58 counties in the state and the Department of Justice serves as the central repository of all criminal records. In other states, any person can view or access their criminal records and the records of other people. In California, a person is only allowed to access his or her own record unless you have the consent of the court to do otherwise. It is ideal to check ones criminal records, if there any, to check if there are any inaccuracies or false information included on the record. If a record is being used for an ongoing investigation, it will not be available for request.

There is a request form available at the Department of Justice. All required fields on the form such as a name, address, date of birth and other vital information should be provided. A fingerprint scan is also required for each request done. A fingerprint live scan can be done at a local police department or at the sheriff?s office. After a live scan is done, vital pieces of information such as a name, sex, age, date of birth, and mailing address are put into the fingerprint card. There is a $25 fee for every transaction payable by money order or check to the Department of Justice. The fingerprint scan has a separate fee and it depends on where it is done.

Criminal records are a california public arrest records compilation of different records such as arrest records, sex offender records, driving records, and others. They contain pieces of information that are very Arrest Records useful for people conducting background checks on other people. Per the Freedom of Information Act, the records are made available to the public. However, they are not to be used against another person for reasons other than image what the court allows.

The Department of Justice maintains a database where they keep soft copies of criminal records. Meanwhile, there are also service providers that offer the records to the public. They are authorized by the court to provide the records so that people will have more options to choose from if they want to access the records. There are various service providers available on the Internet but before choosing one, research about their credibility first so you can be sure that you are given genuine information.

Free Criminal Records are also available for the public?s perusal. A search can be started by providing a full name, a birth date and an address. If a full name is too common, add more details about the offender to increase the chances of finding the exact record.
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