State Of Georgia Marriage Records

Marriage, as defined, is a formal contract or a social union of two people that?s creating a relationship. It?s not a private thing at all and its nature is intimate and sexual. Even researchers had set out and found several reasons why people went into the doorstep of marriage. Their points vary from legal and social to emotional, spiritual, and religious. A wedding, attended by the couple, families, and dear friends, is a very holy event. Therefore, documents such as the Georgia Marriage Records put into More Info writing the relevant information of the said occasion.

Only substantial facts are contained on this document such as the couple?s individual details, time of marriage and where it took event as well as the license number. Moreover, important details about the other people in the event like the parents, witnesses, and the solemnizing officer will also be included. If any of the couple had a divorce history, it would also be written along with the marriage certificates.


Several counties in the Georgia State have already recorded marriages even before the year 1805. However, it was only in that year when the state mandated to put the records on file. Prior to this, these documents were given not that much importance resulting to some burnt in courthouse fires, and other damaging instances. To avoid things such as this to occur again, Georgia Department of Archives and History and the FHL started to save their files in microfilm starting the year 1900.

Legal marriages that were filed from 1952 up to the present time are kept in the Vital Records Office of the Georgia?s Department of Human Resources. This is better because from the year 1952 to 1996, only the Probate Court, where the license was released, is eligible to hand out the documents. Also, not all are allowed to have a copy of the marriage license application as it is only obtainable by the concerned couple.

Getting a copy of this information is a need these days. Lawyers, researchers, and journalists are using the file to Free Marital Records complete genealogies. It can also trace family histories and guide an adopted child image in locating his real parents. Background checks are also possible whether on your potential spouse, in laws, or current dates. Even your partners? dark intentions would be revealed through this document.

Various agencies of the government keep Free Marriage Records. The modes of getting them are through mail, telephone, fax, personal, or online. All of these options eat a lot of efforts and frustration, though. Fortunately, private record providers are dispersed over the internet to offer faster and easier research, with or without a fee. But the paid ones are just the best in delivering flawless results; thus, they?re more advisable for use than the others.
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