Free Colorado Marriage Records Online


The Vital Records office of the Colorado Department of Public Health maintains official documentation of Colorado Marriage Records and other vital documents of the State. Various purposes like proving identity, applying for citizenship, qualifying for insurance benefits, conducting background checks, among others, make it necessary for individuals to look for this Marriage Licenses Public Records information nowadays.

The above-mentioned department houses accounts for marriages filed within the years 1900 to 1939 and the years 1975 to present. Marriage documents dated from 1940 to 1974 can be acquired by contacting the county where the marriage license was given. Colorado Marriage Records Free According to the State law, access to this information is restricted only to the person/s named on the file, immediate family members, legal representatives and any authorized individuals searching for official business.

To obtain a copy of the needed file, an applicant must show a proof of his/her relationship to the person named on the certificate. Any document that can establish a legal interest in getting the information is likewise required. Each copy of the record involves varied rates, ranging from $17 for the first copy image to $50 for an heirloom copy. Additional copies requested at the same time costs $10.

A step by step instruction will help you find your most-wanted marriage document in Colorado. First of all, download and fill out the Colorado Application for Certified Verification of Marriage Record. Enter all necessary details including the names of the married couple, date and county of marriage and reason for requesting. Also, indicate your relation to the bride or groom and provide a state-issued I.D. to establish your identity.

Given that all requirements are enclosed in the application, send your order in person to the office of Vital Records or mail in the form along with the demanded charge. Usually, the processing time for this request takes several days. The good news is that through the Internet, you don?t have to wait that long anymore. These days, a shortcut route to getting the information you need is available through the Internet.

Numerous people now turn to those online service providers to search for Public Marriage Records. A couple of free marriage records websites are now readily accessible on the Web, but they may not suffice your needs. The fee-based data providers are your best pick. Within split minutes, they ensure to generate a more detailed report that reveals the involved person?s marital status, history, personal specifics, location and date of wedding, license or filing number and so on.
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