Velofel god this is real quick okay Wow that just straight-up melted him and there's a dragon up here dragon free staff sprayed on the ground creates a wall of lightning that those 50 points of shock damage first second priests magic about 50 points destruction and restoration spells cost less to cast right portal is opening my dragons not one to do anything neither is that one well I guess we have no choice let's hop on in and welcome to some argue awfully bright of course we've heard of guard but never thought it'd be one of those things we see with our own eyes while alive anyway and of course the I have to mention it just because so cool these statues will face you regardless of which direction airs to see see these two have their face me right now let's just go past them and let's turn it around oh wait they haven't turned around maybe it's not those maybe if we get like a certain distance away [Music] hmm maybe but I do know the statues will turn to face you so like that one was facing us turn back traveler terror waits within this mist many have braved the shadow but vain is all courage against the
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